The story and mission behind KnowResolve

KnowResolve founder Dennis Liegghio lost his father to suicide when he was a teenager. For years he battled guilt, shame, anger, depression and his own thoughts of suicide. It was a song called “No Resolve” that he wrote years later which allowed him to begin a journey towards healing. Eventually this song ignited a passion to raise awareness about suicide in his community because the subject is highly stigmatized and rarely discussed. With the help of family, friends and colleagues, KnowResolve and the Breaking The Silence benefit was born in 2007 and remains dedicated to raising awareness about suicide and advocating for prevention.

With funds raised at this event, Dennis brings his suicide awareness and prevention program to local schools free of charge. These programs educate students about the fundamentals for suicide prevention, reduce the stigma associated with mental health disorders, promote mental health awareness, and connect those who are struggling in silence with available resources and the message that with help comes hope. 

To date, KnowResolve has reached more than 120,000 teens and young adults with this life-saving and educational message of help and hope.